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The independent review site Best College Reviews has released their list of the top 15 online TEFL courses.

The site, which brands itself as a completely independent and objective site for reviewing college and university programs, rated each of the courses based on six different points which included:

  • Quality of the platform and the resources
  • Student-teaching practicum or other experiential learning
  • Range of courses that provide a reputable certificate
  • Quality of job placement opportunities
  • Graduate testimonials and reviews
  • Any additional noteworthy features

Best College Reviews further states that for any programs where there was a tie the program that was offered at the cheapest price was placed higher.

The final rankings, in order, are:

15. Anaheim University

14. TEFL Bootcamp

13. International TEFL and TESOL Training

12. International Teacher Training Organization

11. TESOL International Association

10. International TEFL Academy

9. Uni-Prep Institute

8. Coventry House International

7. TEFL Certification from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Education

6. Greenheart Travel

5. TEFL Pros

4. Bridge Education Group

3. Premier TEFL

2. i-to-i TEFL

1. My TEFL

We recommend several of these TEFL certification providers because of the high level of quality in the delivery of their courses and their accreditations. You can review our complete guide to choosing a legitimate TEFL certification here.

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