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The ESL industry continues to mature, and employers are increasingly seeking TEFL-qualified teachers to provide a higher level of English language learning to their students. With the right set of qualifications and a positive attitude, you can hop onto a plane, travel to the other side of the world, earn a decent income and save a good chunk of money, all while experiencing life in a culture completely different to your own.

A career in ESL truly opens up many doors. Many people who start out as TEFL-qualified teachers discover the rewards of teaching and advance their careers by becoming licensed teachers (who can make substantially more money teaching in international schools abroad than they typically would in their home countries). Others progress their careers and crossover into sales, marketing and IT – working abroad as a TEFL teacher enables you to become an outstanding communicator and lifelong learner. And yet others carve themselves a space in the world of teaching English online – some make a full-time living doing this – and are able to live and work virtually anywhere. Of course, we recognize those wanderlust folks who teach English for the pure pleasure of living in foreign lands, soaking in the culture, food, sightseeing and relationships they encounter.

Whatever it is that draws you to a career in ESL, we understand you, because we’ve been there. We live it. We breathe it. We know it. And we want to help you – new or experienced – craft an amazing story for your life and career through the amazing world of ESL.

Our Mission

We aim to provide the best job opportunities in the ESL industry to TEFL qualified teachers. If you are embarking on a career in ESL, we will help you get properly qualified. New or experienced, you can create your profile here for top ESL employers to connect with you.

The Future

The ESL industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it's growing. According to British Council, 1.3 billion people were learning and using English globally in 2015. The biggest challenge for ESL employers is the lack of qualified English language instructors. Our goal is to change that.

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